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On line classes  FAQ

How can I practice online?

The Pandemic  has forced us to temporarily close our  studio, so we’ve moved our practice online!

We’re currently offering several Live Stream Classes a week — different styles at all different times throughout the day — to help our community maintain a regular practice during this difficult time.



NOTE:   During  re opening times  our  on demand  studio  will be running  simultaneously with in Studio classes

We’re also thrilled to announce the launch of our new On-Demand Service very soon. Below is a list of our class offerings:


Original  Hot Yoga Series, our signature 26+2 sequence is available as a 60 & 90-minute format.

Inferno Hot Pilates (HIIT)  is a High Intensity, Low-Impact interval class, Pilates inspired class meant to build endurance and strengthen your core.  45  & 60 min


Yin Yoga/ Gravity  is a restorative class, focusing on deep stretching and culminating in a guided meditation.

Active  and Fit/ Silver choose from categories including Low Impact Cardio, Strength,  Easy Yoga and mixed formats. Find classes for your preferred fitness level Healthy Aging Coaching: Get a personal health coach who can help address fitness and nutrition goals during scheduled phone sessions. email us to find more about it:

Posture clinics Quick informative sessions to look in detail at the mechanics of yoga. Have a series of progressive demonstrations and adjustments that will bring a new understanding to parts of your practice. Learn about anatomy, most common mistakes, how to fix them, modify if needed, and take your practice to the next level getting the most out of your our yoga experience.  All levels are encouraged to attend.


Guided Meditations This meditation series designed to guide you into the core of your loving, lightful, spiritual essence. Manage stress , anxiety, get more restful and grounded. New meditations added monthly

Exercise Library: Want to make sure you're doing your form right? Check out the library below!  Also, feel free to piece any of these together for a great workout combination!

Get access to a diverse content:  Nutrition 101, Healthy recipes, Grocery lists, Fitness myths vs truth and more. 


How do I prepare for a Live Stream  Class?

Set up your yoga mat just in front of the computer, and make sure to position your camera so that the teacher can see your practice.

Keep a bottle of water and a hand towel nearby. We recommend NOT eating a full meal at least 2 hours before class. If you are hungry, a light snack such as half a fruit or energy bar is a good idea.

Though the heat is not necessary to enjoy the benefits of the practice, the Original 26+2 Hot Yoga Series was designed to be done at 105°F. For those who wish to replicate the conditions of a heated studio, read our Blog Post on the subject. Also remember that summer is the perfect time to take your practice outside. Protect yourself with plenty of sunscreen, but then take advantage of the powerful midday sun.

Finally, stay hydrated throughout the day — that means before, during, and after class.


Do I have to turn my camera on during  class?

You do not have to share your camera with the instructor. Please be sure to turn your microphone off during class to ensure there is no disruption. If you wish to have corrections and/or feedback from your instructor, feel free to leave the camera on. Be sure to allow ample distance from you and your device so the instructor may see your entire body.

Note: We can not guarantee that you will be given feedback by your instructor.

When do I get the  stream class link (zoom)?

Please enroll in a live class no later than 30 min BEFORE class starts to give us enough time to text you the link. Make sure you have updated your Mindbody online profile with your latest mobile number. You will receive your zoom link through text. NO emails.

If you are signing up within the hour of class, you should get the access link immediately following your reservation confirmation. 

I didn't get any text with a link. What do I do?

Make sure your profile at your Mindbodyonline account is up-to-date. Simply go to your account information and update your mobile number and email accordingly in the mindbodyonline app or website. Email us at  no later than 30 min before class starts. We might be  able  to email you the link on time  for class.


If you are in need of support, please submit your request here   at

How do I access class on my desktop computer?

If you don’t have Zoom installed on your computer, please visit In the upper right-hand corner, hover over “Resources” and click on “Download Zoom Client.” Follow the prompts. You will only need to do this once for your first class.

You DO NOT need to create a Zoom account to take class.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link, meeting ID and password to join the zoom meeting 30 minutes before the start of class. After entering the meeting ID and password, you will be placed in the waiting room until the instructor is ready to begin class. Please be patient.

How do I access class on my tablet or mobile device?

If you don’t have the Zoom app installed on your tablet or mobile device, please visit the app store. Search for Zoom. Download and install “ZOOM Cloud Meetings.” You will only need to do this once for your first class.

You DO NOT need to create a Zoom account to take class.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link, meeting ID and password to join the zoom meeting 60 minutes before the start of class. After entering the meeting ID and password, you will be placed in the waiting room until the instructor is ready to begin class. Please be patient.

Help! I'm having issues accessing my live stream class.

If you are having trouble joining a live stream class, please view this help page by Zoom.

I live outside of the United States. Can I still  take class?

Of course! As long as you have access to zoom, you should have access to our streaming classes.

 Note that all classes are scheduled in the Hawaiian Time  zone. Please plan accordingly.

My partner wants to take class with me. Do I  have to register them for  class  as well?

During these difficult times, we understand everyone’s financial situation is different. If you are able to, please register all attendees for class to help support our small business. Our entire staff thanks you for your honesty and support!

How long do I have to use my class  pack?

All Live Stream Class Packs purchased after September 2020 are valid for 90 days from date of purchase.

How long do I have to use my intro package?

The Into Package is ONLY available to students who are new to Hot Yoga Kapolei, and is valid for 7 days from purchase.

Can I use my class card for online  live  stream  classes?

Absolutely! Absolutely! But rest assured, the class card you purchased will still be valid. All class cards will be extended once the shutdown is over.

How do I access the on demand library?

Hot Yoga Kapolei ELITE VIRTUAL STUDIO On-Demand is home to an incredible library of classes, clinics, mini-workouts, meditations and more for a low monthly subscription fee.

Workout when it’s convenient for you!


To join, visit:

Already a member, to login visit:   


You can watch the content directly on a computer, smartphone, or tablet… or use the “Screen Mirroring” feature on your phone to view the class on your TV. It’s just that easy!

Is it safe to practice while pregnant?

You must consult your doctor first, however, if you’ve already established a consistent yoga practice you may be able to continue your practice throughout your pregnancy. There are important modifications that are recommended, and it’s always a good idea to speak to the teacher before class so that they can properly guide you. We also offer private lessons for those interested. Please note that we do not recommend beginning a hot yoga practice while pregnant.

What is your cancellation policy?

Live Stream Cancellation Policy:
You can cancel online or from the mindbodyonline  app up to 90 minutes before class to avoid penalty. Please note that we do not accept phone or email cancellations. If you cancel less than 90 minutes before, the system automatically deducts the class from your package.

Live Stream No-Show Policy:

If you no show, the system will automatically deduct the class from your package.

How do I cancel my On-Demand subscription?

For any membership cancellation please email us  30 days before next scheduled charge  .Allow  us  5 to 7 business  days to email you back conforming cancellation has been  effective.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds of any kind. Keep this in mind BEFORE making a purchase.

How do I freeze, cancel, or reactivate  my memberships?

To freeze, cancel , or reactivate  your membership,  email us at

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