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Yoga Practice

*New to the practice?
*Would you like to receive a customized class that best suit your needs and goals?

*Would you like to create a special experience for your family & friends?

*Missing the healing benefit of Infrared heating system? 

Not ready to come back to group classes yet?

We have solutions for you...


Private classes

Just you and your friends...

We know that many of our students may need to limit the time that they spend around groups of people. It can also be tremendously beneficial to get some one-on-one time with an instructor, and receive special alignment attention & modifications customized to your needs.

We are currently booking one-on-one and small group classes at our location. 

We charge a flat rate for these classes - add a friend for no extra charge!

We can take groups of up to 4 students (or more if all are from the same household).

Email us at to learn more about it and reserve your spot!

60 minutes per session : Your choice of class format and instructor

Let us know what you’re looking to take away from your session and we will recommend the instructor and class format for you!

Treat yourself to some personalized IN THE HEAT, in-person instruction. 

PLEASE NOTE: If multiple people will be attending the class, only one person needs to make a reservation! If someone will be sharing your lesson, please email to let us know.

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