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Mindful practices backed by Science

Tailored for every level of fitness

~Where   transformation happens ~

Hot Yoga (26+2), Hot Pilates (HIIT), Yin Yoga, Fusion Flow, 

Workshops: Fascia release, Yoga Nidra, Breath work, Sound Healing

Nutritional coaching & Body transformation

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Find your flow!

Hot Yoga Kapolei signature classes offer options for students of all levels and fitness goals.


Try all of our signature heated, non heated yoga & Pilates classes to find your unique experience.

Our Reason

With all the challenges that we're facing in our world these days, a regular yoga practice matters more than ever.

Our studio offers heated yoga , non heated yoga and fitness classes for every level!

We pride ourselves on creating a judgement-free environment where people from all walks of life can come together to take care of themselves.

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Our Studio

With 5 different class styles, breath work workshops, free wellness coaching & goal setting, nutritional advice our studio community has everything you need in one place!

We offer membership options for every need - whether you're joining us on Zoom from the comfort of your home or sweating with us in the hot room every week!

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Our Teachers

Tired of feeling like just another mat in the studio?

We work our seats off to be the most welcoming studio in the Island. 

Experience world class teachers and the depth of knowledge from experts across all different areas of yoga.

From in studio, to live streaming classes, experience many international flavors and teaching styles. From, California, NYC, Switzerland, Argentina and of course Hawaii choose the one you prefer. :)

We always want to get to know you, so feel free to stay and chat before and after class.

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Our Style

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi veteran or you’ve never stepped in a yoga |fitness studio, we’ve got you covered. 

Beginners are always welcome here - no experience required. We go through our classes at a comfortable pace and explain every move step by step, so that students who are new to yoga can follow along.

Our teachers will advise you on how to proceed if you have any difficulties, so that you can get the maximum benefit for your body.

Trying something new can be nerve-wracking- Don’t worry, we’ve got all your answers.

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Yoga wherever you are, whenever you need it...


Enjoy unlimited yoga both in studio and online with our bestselling monthly membership.


Practice from the comfort of your home or on the go with unlimited live and On-Demand classes.


Drop in at your own pace with class packages, valid for in-studio and livestream classes.

Tailored for every level   of fitness


Original Hot Yoga

This is our signature class tailored down for beginners, those who are looking to increase mobility, decrease & manage pain & stimulate healing.


Original Hot Yoga is a series of twenty-six Hatha Yoga postures and two breathing techniques designed to provide a challenging & energizing effective yoga experience.

The increased well-being that comes with a consistent Hot Yoga practice is due to the scientifically proven health benefits of our signature yoga series plus the state of the art infrared heating system exclusively available at our studio.

We go through the postures one at a time with step-by-step instructions so that it's easy for anyone to follow along and work at their own level.

You'll leave class having worked on every part of your body (every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint and internal organ in the entire body), giving you an incredible sense of well being.

90 min & 60 min version

Tailored for beginners.

All levels welcome

Heated: 100-103degrees

Hot  Pilates (Hiit)

This is a high intensity interval training class (HIIT) that uses Pilates method.

The class is low impact, so it's easy on the joints. The Pilate’s exercises in this class strengthen, tone and sculpt the entire body, with an emphasis on building core, glutes and pelvic floor strength. 

Experience the backed by science “Afterburn” effect derived from HIIT training, which will keep you burning calories up to 72 hrs after class.

This class can transform your body if you practice 3+ days per week.  

Classes are fun and upbeat with high-energy to keep you moving.


All levels (modifications provided)

Beginners friendly

Heated: 90 -95 degrees

Yin Yoga /Gravity

Long hold stretching practice designed specifically to increase mobility and flexibility.

Science shows that muscles and fascia lengthen best when relaxed. That's why this class  is practiced completely relaxed, so gravity does the work.


Breath work and guided meditation complements the passive stretches.


This practice is meant to supplement, no replace other forms of yoga.

It can be very balancing for the nervous system, body and mind.

The postures are different every time, but we tend to focus on the hips, spine (shoulders, neck too) & hamstrings

This class will leave you feeling stretched out, grounded, peaceful, and super relaxed. 

60min version

All levels (modifications provided)

Non heated:  80 degrees 

Hot Fusion Flow

A wonderful breath focused beginner friendly fusion flow class in a very lightly heated room (90 – 95 degrees). 

Bringing together components of Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha.  If you have been practicing Bikram for years, you’ll love this class.


This class will strengthen, tone and stretch your body to a deeper level.


This is an ALL LEVELS class  where you'll have the opportunity to expand on the basic practice with other sequences and routines. 

60min version

All levels. Beginners friendly

Modifications provided

Heated 90 -95 degrees


Experience far infrared heating benefits 
@Hot yoga kapolei 

Hot Yoga Kapolei offers the very best quality of infrared hot yoga experience.

Our state of the art infrared heated studio provides the right amount of infrared to promote the benefits of this powerful therapeutic technology. 

As the infrared waves are absorbed by the body, molecules begin to vibrate, causing them to start to expel toxins, fat and impurities from the cells into your blood stream and detoxifying organs. These are then released from the body resulting in an incredible cleansing effect at a cellular level. The muscles and internal organs will be gently warmed.


This form of heat is perfectly safe. Hospitals use infrared heat to keep premature babies warm.

Infrared heat feels like the warmth of sun rays making the practice kinder and gentle on the body & skin.


You'll find it's easier to breath during the practice - not overwhelming- while adding many health benefits. Practice a minimum of 4 classes a week to experience and restore wellness that comes with a consistent hot yoga practice combined with Infrared heat.

Some of the backed by science benefits of infrared + yoga practice are:



& flexibility

Flush unwanted


Reduce & manage stress & anxiety

Burn massive amount of calories

Reduce & manage pain &  inflammation

Improve skin appearance

Increase metabolism 

& Immune system functions

"I would give this place 6 stars if I could. Patricia and Matthias are the most amazing and encouraging teachers!

Though I struggled a lot in the first class, I was completely hooked. I had to keep coming back, there is no other practice or exercise like it!"


Alex, V ~student since 2015~

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