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Become an Original Hot Yoga teacher!

Learn how to lead students through the Original Hot yoga (26 & 2) series with compassion, knowledge, and confidence. 

Our program is open to students of all levels and backgrounds, and we're committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community that supports each individual's journey.

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Original Hot  Yoga 

Teacher Training Program




February, 24th to March, 17th

 now taking applications for Winter 2024!

Are you passionate about your hot yoga practice and ready to take a deep dive into the postures? 
Are you interested in helping others on their hot yoga journey?


Take a look at our ACCELERATED Hot Yoga Teacher Training Program 

This course is intended for students who have a serious interest in hot yoga and have a strong desire to teach. We recommend that teacher training students have practiced consistently for a minimum of 6 months to apply.

Our training covers a range of skills and topics including: Posture Study & Analysis, Yoga Anatomy, Medical Benefits of Hot Yoga, Modifications and Corrections for Injuries, Yoga History, and Teaching an Inclusive Class. 

This is a vocational program that includes a LOT of active practice so that you will be confident teaching right away.  

We are very proud that most of our 2019 graduates were teaching within 1 week of graduation!

Fill out our application and get started TODAY!

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2024 Training Schedule

February 24th to March 17th

Trainees will meet in person during the weekends at our full-service facility in Kapolei for our weekend intensive modules (Saturday and Sunday). In addition to our weekend intensive sessions, there will be optional "office hours" available during the weekdays for additional coaching and mentoring.

Training is structured into two (2) modules. Each module will take place on one day of the weekend and we will work on skills and topics including:

Module 1
- Posture study & analysis
- Yoga Anatomy
- Yoga Philosophy
- Medical benefits of Hot Yoga
- Modifications and corrections for injuries

Module 2
- Teaching dialogue study
- Learning the essentials for teaching a yoga class
- Practicing teaching an inclusive hot yoga class

Successful completion of module 1 & 2 is required for graduation. Individual study, homework, & reading assignments will also be required, mostly before training starts. 

Trainees must maintain a regular practice schedule of approximately three (3) Hot Yoga classes/week throughout the duration of the training. Some of these classes will be included during our weekend intensives.

Our primary trainers, Matthias and Patricia, will work with you as a group and one-on-one throughout the duration of the training.

Teacher Training Staff

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Patricia Carrera, Ph.D

Patricia is co owner and co founder of Hot Yoga Kapolei. She has been practicing the Original Hot Yoga sequence since 2010 and has taught hot yoga full time, from NYC to Hawaii since 2011.


Patricia holds a PhD in Biological Sciences and with over 13 years of experience in the Fitness & Wellness industry, she is thrilled to share her knowledge with a new generation of teachers.


Patricia is passionate about empowering others to take care of their physical and mental health through grounding and healing practices like yoga, breath work, fascia release and Ayurveda. More recently she has been expanding her knowledge to work with athletes specializing on injury prevention and recovery as a Corrective Exercise Specialist.


One of Patricia’s passions is to help develop confident, capable, and well-informed yoga teachers who will create a safe space through healing hot yoga sessions, available and accessible to everyone who needs them. Outside of the studio, you're likely to find her leading fitness experiences at Aulani, Disney resort in Hawaii, advocating about mental health on different platforms and sharing about the healing benefits of a life led by Ayurveda principles.

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Matthias Burger, Ph.D

Matthias is a native of Switzerland. He obtained a PhD in Biology with major in Zoology from the University of Bern and has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the American Museum of Natural History in New York from 2006 – 2011.
Matthias discovered his passion for yoga in 2007, when he took his first hot yoga class in Lahaina, Maui. He was immediately intrigued by the tremendous physical and mental benefits of the practice and it has helped him to explore and deepen the
body-mind connection and transcend physical limitations and illness. Through the practice of hot yoga, Matthias was able to heal knee and hip injuries sustained from martial arts.
His own transformative experience with hot yoga motivated Matthias to pursue it as a career and in 2010, he completed the Original Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas and became a certified hot yoga teacher.
Since 2010, Matthias has been teaching consistently at different studios in New York (Bronx and Manhattan) and Hawaii (Lahaina, Nimitz, Kailua and Honolulu) before
opening his own yoga studio, Hot Yoga Kapolei, with co-owner Patricia in 2014.

Matthias loves to integrate his knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and the therapeutic benefits of hot yoga into his teaching style and he also likes to add spiritual content to his classes. Apart from yoga, Matthias’ passion is art. He is a freelance digital artist and sculptor and creates privately commissioned figurines and statues.

Training Cost

Total investment $2499 due by February, 19th


50% deposit required to secure your spot, and receive the training instructions and study materials  (NON refundable)

Deadline first deposit $1249.50: January, 21st

Deadline second deposit $1249.50: February, 19th

Payment plan available: send us an email or talk to us at the front desk.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Your training fee covers all your in-person and office training hours, your training handouts and materials (downloadable as pdfs), and all required classes at Hot Yoga Kapolei for students. 

TRAINING APPLICATION: Acceptance to this program is by application only. Limited spots available.

Click on the button bellow and fill out your application to get started TODAY!


All trainees, please review our attendance, payment & graduation policies before applying. Once your application has been approved, we will contact you to receive your deposit and/ payment.

TRAINING PREREQUISITES: Minimum 3 months consistent practice of Original Hot Yoga (2 years practice recommended). A letter of recommendation from an Original Hot Yoga teacher or studio owner is needed if you come from another studio than Hot Yoga Kapolei.

Please email with any questions.

All applications must be received by January 21st, 2024 to ensure that trainees have sufficient time to prepare for the course. Trainees will receive their initial study material and reading list after paying the program deposit. 

Not able to attend the entire Teacher Training?

If your schedule does not permit you to attend both days (Saturdays and Sundays) of each weekend, there is the possibility to complete the Teacher Training in two parts. Module 1, which is the foundation and includes the posture studies, mechanics, anatomy, and yoga philosophy can be completed during the first Teacher Training of 2024 (1/20 - 2/11). Module 2, which focuses on the teaching practice and includes the dialogue study and learning the essentials for teaching a class, can be completed during the second Teacher Training of 2024 (tentative date: spring 2024). If you're interested in completing Teacher Training in two parts, Module 1 has to be completed first. Please email or talk to us at the front desk to discuss this option.


Not sure if you want to become a yoga teacher but want to gain deeper knowledge and take your practice to the next level?

Module 1 is open for anybody who wants to gain a deeper understanding of hot yoga and learn about posture mechanics, benefits and anatomy. You will attend the one day of each weekend that is dedicated to module 1 only and learn alongside our teacher trainees. Please note: only module 1 can be completed on its own, not module 2. If you complete module 1 on its own, you still have the possibility of completing module 2 during a later Teacher Training to become a Certified Hot Yoga Teacher. Please email or talk to us at the front desk to discuss pricing for this option.

We’re super excited to launch this training program and get to know a new group of trainees in 2024. If you have any questions, please email us at or talk to us at the front desk.

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